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Ascendis Pharma GmbH  

Straße / Nr.: Im Neuenheimer Feld 584
Stadtteil: Neuenheim
Telefon: 06221 998900
Fax: 06221 9989011
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USt-Id.-Nr.: DE813586261


Ascendis Pharma is working towards a number of long-term strategic goals, outlined in a plan called “Vision 20/20. This plan reflects our mission to create best-in-class rare disease products that address unmet medical needs by utilizing TransCon technology to improve parent drugs with demonstrated clinical proof-of-concept. With this strategy, we are using our technology to develop potentially best-in-class products with improved efficacy, safety and/or convenience. In addition, we believe our technology enables a higher development success rate compared to traditional drug development. With Vision 20/20, Ascendis plans to:
- Advance our pipeline of three rare disease endocrinology product candidates—each of which address unmet medical needs and have significant market potential.

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